Sweet Potato Carrot Soup Recipe | Vegan Recipe | August Cooking | How to Cook | Vegetarian


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Sweet Potato Carrot Soup Recipe | Vegan Recipe | August Cooking | How to Cook

Sweet Potato Carrot Soup:

4 Large Carrots
2 Sweet Potatoes
1 large onion
1 Tbls. Fresh Ginger
2Tbls. Extra virgin olive oil
2 Quarts of Vegetable Broth
Green onions for garnish
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut carrots, sweet potatoes, and onion into 2 in. pieces. Mixe with olive oil. Bake in oven for about 20 min. at 400 F. Finally, bring everything to a boil and let simmer for 30 min. Garnish with green onions. Enjoy!

In this video we will be making sweet potato and carrot soup. This is a delicious and simple vegan recipe that everyone will love. With only a few simple ingredients from your…

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Summer Antioxidant Rich Dessert to Enhance Natural Beauty

Mahalia's Wellness Kitchen

Summer Antioxidant Rich Dessert To Enhance Natural Beauty.

Summer is around the corner, finally giving cold desserts their moment and the oven a break. And here in Briton, summer means desserts and lots of it, like Ice cream and Popsicles and of course strawberry cream teas. But no doubt the high sugar content in these shop bought or even homemade dessert can be well over our recommended daily intake which should be less than 5% of our total energy intake.


Fatty, sugary desserts are the enemies of weight loss and clear skin. Excessive amounts of sugar can lead to skin imperfections, weight loss, and bloating. However, there are a variety of delicious, antioxidant-rich desserts that can actually be friendly to your natural beauty. These detox desserts not only help you meet your weight loss goals but satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are a few recipes from my Summer Wellness Rest…

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Celebrating 2nd Blogiversary



The fashionista cook just turned two! It has been a very exciting year with many new followers.

It’s also been a year of many changes:

  • A new theme was applied to change the look of the blog.
  • New features such as; a language translator and new categories to break down recipes (meat, chicken, etc)
  • Two new pages have been added Recipe Book Collection and Fashion Finds.
  • A slide show has been added to the side bar.

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