Hi, my name is Maria Mongillo.  I was raised  in a Cuban household where food and family were very important. My mom would let me help her  start dinner which started my love of cooking.  In this blog not only will you see Cuban dishes but my love of other cultural cooking. I am willing to share recipes and discuss the outcome. Now the fashion part I can also attribute to my mother she always had an eye for fashion.  But to her disappointment on her hopes I would become an accountant, I studied fashion and had a career in management.  Both of these passions have brought me here to this blog. Please join me in a new journey.


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  1. lynne hoareau says:

    Maria, thank you for the ‘like’ for my Peanut Brittle and Liqueur Gateau. Your ‘like’ has led me to your blog, which is beautiful. I love your ‘about’ page and had to smile about your mom wanting you to become an accountant. I am sure she is proud of you no matter what path you have chosen. As a mother, I can relate, I too, had huge ideas for my daughter, all of which she went in a totally opposite direction for her career :-). I look forward to your posts. Have a lovely day.


  2. judilyn says:

    I left Miami in 1985, just as the Cuban influence was becoming overpowered by other Latin American countries’ influence, but I remember well a “Cuban Sandwich” that was popular in the small restaurants. It consisted of roast pork and some other delicious items that over thirty years have erased from my memory.

    Do you have any recollection of what might have been in those sandwiches? I suspect that each restaurant had its own version, but would love to taste one again.

    Virtual hugs,


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  3. judilyn says:

    I make all of our bread, but our favorite is my sourdough that has only four ingredients: Flour, water, salt and yeast/sourdough starter. I cut these loaves into slices ad hoc for the current use. Thin slices = very crunchy! Just the way we like them!!! I make my own version of what you describe: thinly sliced ham/steak/pork/roast beef/salami (singly, or in some combination), Swiss/Provolone/Havarti cheese, with peperonccini, with tomato/cucumber slices after heating. I am constantly making up dressings for our sandwiches and salads – rarely the same one twice.

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