Celebrating 4th Blogiversary



The fashionista cook turns 4! It was another exciting year with over 2,000 followers and new changes.

Welcome to my new page, Fashion Finds.  

Stay tuned for more exciting recipes and fashion! Thank you for following.

Celebrating 3rd Blogiversary


The Fashionista Cook turns 3! Another exciting year with over 1500 followers and new changes.

New Pages:

Stay tuned for more exciting recipes and fashion tips. Thank you for following!


Celebrating 2nd Blogiversary



The fashionista cook just turned two! It has been a very exciting year with many new followers.

It’s also been a year of many changes:

  • A new theme was applied to change the look of the blog.
  • New features such as; a language translator and new categories to break down recipes (meat, chicken, etc)
  • Two new pages have been added Recipe Book Collection and Fashion Finds.
  • A slide show has been added to the side bar.

And stay tuned for more exciting changes!  You can follow the fashionista cook on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Twitter.