10 Famous Women That Inspired My Fashion Style

Most of my fashion influence came from watching old movies. There’s nothing like watching an old black and white film. Rebecca, Laura and Casablanca are a few of my favorites. Actresses on television sitcoms in the 60 and 70’s were also great influencers; Marlo Thomas on That Girl, Mary Tyler Moore and Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched.  In my twenties, the 80’s  music became a huge influence on how I dressed. And now my newest inspiration is Victoria Beckham’s classic style.

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Joan Crawford, Mildred Pierce is one of my favorite classic movies.

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Audrey Hepburn, a fashion icon.

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Gene Tierney in Laura.

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Sophia Loren.

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Sandra Dee, loved her ourfits in When a Man Answers.

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Marlo Thomas.

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Mary Tyler Moore.

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Elizabeth Montgomery.

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Victoria Beckham.



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